I have dabbled in many canine activities – I love it all. I compete in Dog Agility and have for over 12 years. It is probably my favorite sport. But I also love variety and if you have an interest in other sports I can help you get started! You can come for a short introductory lesson or stay longer and get proficient.

Contact me today and begin the next chapter in your dog's training!

Daily Walking

I also offer other services such as daily walking and adventures with other dogs in my care. I pick your dog up at your home and delivery them safely back home at the end of the day – tired and happy. They get to play with other well socialized dogs doing pack walking, swimming, training and just plain fun as I add some variety into what would otherwise be a long day at home alone. It is a very personalized service, so call and see what your dog is missing.

There are so many activities you can enjoy with your dog – one or more may be just right for you and your dog. Agility, Canine Freestyle, Trieball, Tricks – Come on- let’s have fun!    

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Other Canine Activities