“Before hiring you, I was afraid that my 80 pound dog would jump up on someone (his favorite pastime), and injure them.  He had jumped on me a few times with almost catastrophic results.  After a consultation with you, all of the jumping up behaviors stopped… almost instantly!  I was truly amazed! (and still am).”

~Julie Mercer

  • Excessive Barking
  • House Training
  • Aggression To People Or Kids
  • Aggression To Other Dogs
  • Aggression While On Leash
  • Jumping Up On People

Behavior Modification

  • Excessive Shyness/Fearfulness
  • Doesn't Listen Or Do What I Ask
  • Runs Off
  • Digs In Yard
  • Steals Food Off Counters

My training methods set the dog up for success and then use food and toys as rewards. I do it this way because it works, it's humane and because it's safe enough for the entire family. Punishment based methods (like choke, prong or shock collars) can work if your timing is absolutely perfect every single time, but they're frightening for the dog and are likely to have side effects including aggression, anxiety and fearfulness. When you train with food and toys, your dog learns to love learning and wants to work with you and for you. It deepens your bond and understanding of each other. And it works.

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Yes, you can really CHANGE your dog’s current behavior. There is a lot of science to back up my method of training and the whole of my education in dog behavior has been taught to me by some of the most renowned dog trainers and behaviorist in the country – and some from around the world. They made me a believer and after using their proven positive reinforcement methods I have seen positive behavior results over and over.

I have successfully worked with the following behavior problems:

  • Not Coming When Called
  • Eating Poop
  • Pulling On Leash
  • Aggression Around Food Or Toys
  • Destructive When Left Alone