Obedience/Canine Good Manners

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I also do a lot of puppy training in this way and there is a correct way and an incorrect way to socialize your puppy. Dogs go through several developmental stages that influence their lives greatly. I know and understand these milestones and can work within the limits to maximize your puppy’s confidence and learning abilities.  Whether you want a dog for sports competition or a wonderful companion, it all starts the same way. Feel free to contact me to see if this is an option that is right for you and your dog.

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Teaching your dog the basic behaviors can be time consuming and if you don’t have the time to train or you are afraid of being inconsistent (which is so confusing for your dog), then maybe a Board and Train scenario is for you. I much prefer clients go through the learning process with their dog as there is a bond that is created by working together. But, in a board and train situation, I can teach your dog the basic behaviors with fluency and when they get home, you can take over by being consistent and minor training mishaps on your part should not completely undo the training. Your dog will live with me in my home, not in a kennel. It will go places and get gentle exposure to different environments during that training that help your dog generalize that the behaviors it knows are to used everywhere, not just in your living room or at the training center. 

“I was so pleased with the training. Lily and I both learned so much. She was a new member in our home and I wanted it to work and be comfortable for us both. Thank you! “

~Elisabeth Brennan​